HOYOHOYO Hotels & Resorts

You don’t need a place to stay. You need an experience. Accommodation that is as warm and comforting as home, with the luxury and service you’d expect from a leader in hospitality.

You need HOYOHOYO.

Welcome to HOYOHOYO Hotels & Resorts

‘Hoyohoyo’ is a Xitsonga word, used to describe the enthusiastic welcome of honoured guests. In its traditional form, a Hoyohoyo would be expressed with festive ululations, dancing, horn-blowing and the rhythmic beating of drums. Visitors would be relieved of their luggage and sometimes treated to a relaxing foot-cleansing ritual. The Hoyohoyo represented the African ethos of ‘ubuntu’; letting guests know that “our home is your home”.

And that’s what we’re about at HOYOHOYO Hotels & Resorts: welcoming you, our honoured guest, to our homes away from home.

Our culture

Living up to the spirit of ubuntu means treating guests and employees with respect, integrity, responsiveness and transparency. It’s our commitment to true African excellence. You’ll experience it when booking into one of our HOYOHOYO Hotels & Resorts for any of the following:

The HOYOHOYO Hotels & Resorts Collection include:

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Review: Hoyohoyo Chartwell Lodge

Review: Hoyohoyo Chartwell Lodge

The first thing I noticed about the lodge is that it has a farmhouse charm. This gives it a home-away-from-home appeal that I appreciated because I was homesick at the time. I ...