Five reasons why you should consider an intimate wedding

5 reasons why you should consider anIntimate Wedding

1. Quality over quantity

Budgeting can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning a wedding. But the obvious advantage of a smaller wedding is more wiggle room in the finance department. This could enable you to spend a little more money on something you and your spouse have always dreamed about, like vintage red wine from your favourite vineyard or personalised, hand printed napkins for each of your guests. Perhaps there’s a Wedding photographer that was out of your price range. Cutting down your guest list allows more of your budget to be allocated to the little luxuries that can make your special day unforgettable.

5 reasons why you should consider anIntimate Wedding

2. Castle on a hill

Venue options for smaller weddings are endless. Without the limitations of a huge guest list, you might consider a more unique venue that holds special meaning. Perhaps a castle, an art gallery, a rooftop in the middle of the city or even a favourite restaurant. The freedom of an intimate wedding is the ability to book a distinctive venue that you and your loved ones will talk about for years to come. If you’re looking for an intimate, rustic venue with heaps of history and country charm, we recommend Hoyohoyo Machadostud Fly Fishing Lodge as it’s weirs and dams will add an unparalleled connection to the natural environment.

5 reasons why you should consider anIntimate Wedding

3. Less obligation, more conversation

Everyone knows the feeling; you’re at a loved one’s wedding, waiting all night to finally tell the couple how incredible the ceremony was and how happy you are for them, but they swing past to say hi and it’s all over in a second. It is vital that every guest is greeted and thanked, which can take a while when mixed with a meal, speeches and dancing. An intimate wedding offers the chance to connect in conversation with each of your guests, which means a more relaxed evening for the couple and more engagement for your loved ones. Also, it will allow you and your new spouse more moments to reflect on the incredible love that’s being shared on your wedding day.

5 reasons why you should consider anIntimate Wedding

4. Looking ahead

There’s no rule that says any money saved in your wedding budget has to go back into it, why not put it towards an incredible honeymoon? Fewer guests means less spent on catering and venue costs. These savings could also be put towards a home for the two of you or perhaps even a savings account for your future. Ultimately, it could be spent on just about anything important to you as a couple and it is a great way to build a financial foundation for married life.

5 reasons why you should consider anIntimate Wedding

5. Your wedding, your rules

Your wedding is about the celebration of love between two people, so celebrate it in whatever way and with as many people as you like. There are always traditions and obligations that come with any wedding, but it is your choice which ones you include which extends to the size of your wedding. It should be an event that expresses your individual personalities and shared passions. As long as you remember this your Wedding day will be a wonderful experience, no matter how long your guest list is!