Accommodation at Angels View Hotel, Graskop

A stay at Angels View, Graskop is set to be an experience like no other.

This isn’t just a hotel. It’s a lifestyle. The luxury hotel sits atop a ridge of the God’s Window escarpment in Graskop, offering majestic views of the surrounding landscape. 

Angels View Hotel Entrance

The breath-taking destination accommodation establishment offers an array of accommodation options including:

Superior Viewside and Classic Boutique Hotel Rooms

12 Superior Viewside and Classic Boutique Hotel Rooms (Phase 2 to follow with 44 additional rooms planned for completion by June 2022).

Angels View Hotel Rooms
Angels View Hotel Rooms

Superior Classic Suites & Bridal / Honeymoon Suite

4 Superior Classic Suites including an exquisite Bridal / Honeymoon Suite, stunningly decorated for that special once in a lifetime commitment.

Angels View Hotel Suite
Angels View Hotel Bridal Suite

Luxury Viewside Grotto Earth Units

10 luxury Viewside “grotto” earth units – these units are self-catering with optional in-room butler dining. The grotto units are architecturally exclusive in that they have domed roofs and rammed earth walls reminiscent of the building style of Timbuktu. The architectural design ensures that the rooms are always cool in the summer. Our grotto units have phenomenal and grandiose panoramic heavenly views with outside shower options and viewing verandas ideal for the discerning bird watcher. One of the units is wheelchair accessible with modern fixtures that ensure a comfortable stay for patrons living with disabilities.

Angels View Hotel Grotto Earth Units
Angels View Hotel Grotto Earth Units
Angels View Hotel Grotto Earth Units

Fully furnished Family Villa Unit

One fully furnished four-bedroomed family Villa unit (all with bathrooms en-suite) affectionately referred to as “Khoza House”. The unit is ideal for family vacation use with a separate parking area, private access, unrivalled panoramic views and private braai area. Khoza House has a spacious kitchen, lounge & dining areas well suited for self-catering for a group of up to 8 guests.

Semi-Detached Units

Two one-bedroom semi-detached units; each unit incorporates a private patio, braai area, secure parking, private access and a kitchenette for single or sharing options.

Majestic views, tranquillity and leisure can be yours!

That’s what Angels View Graskop is all about.