Angels View

Kruger's Gold Restaurant

A rich South African legend has its roots at Angels View. And even more so at the estate’s Kruger’s Gold Restaurant. What is this legend? It goes like this:


The legend of Kruger’s millions

In June 1900, at the peak of the Anglo-Boer War, the British invaded Pretoria; the seat of South Africa’s government. Predicting this invasion, President Paul Kruger fled into exile by train just hours before Lord Alfred Milner arrived. But, according to the legend, Kruger and his troops weren’t the only ones to leave via train. A total of £1.5m in gold was unaccounted for when the British took over the republic – loot that is worth far more by today’s standards.


What happened to the gold? That’s where the mystery comes in. Some say it was used to fund the rest of the war. Others say Paul Kruger took it with him to Europe. But a select few believe Kruger left a stash buried somewhere in the Lowveld soil, as a legacy to the Boers.


Legend meets modern restaurant

What has this legend to do with Kruger’s Gold Restaurant? Apart from the restaurant’s being built in the exact geographical area where the gold is said to be buried, Kruger’s Gold is also located in the renovated house of Willem Kruger himself – the brother of Paul Kruger. And we reckon, of all places to have buried his millions, family land is a pretty likely spot.


Eagle's View Dining

Kruger’s Gold Restaurant is a legendary dining experience

Apart from its enchanting history, Kruger’s Gold Restaurant is also a place where legendary fine dining experiences begin. With the breathtaking scenery, unbridled atmosphere and our skills of our acclaimed chef, this isn’t just a place to eat… it’s a festival of the senses.


We offer guests a range of dining and catering options, including:

  • An expertly designed a la carte menu
  • Wood-fired pizza
  • Buffet meals
  • Corporate catering
  • Gourmet picnics in the rainforest or on the lawn overlooking the escarpment
  • Chef’s tastings in the kitchen

Ready to salivate?  Our menu for a taste of Kruger’s Gold’s culinary treasures will soon be available for download.