Hoyohoyo baits guests with fun for fly fishing demo

HH fly fishing guests

Our Hoyohoyo Machadostud Fly Fishing Lodge held a fly fishing demo weekend last month to share the experience of this enjoyable sport and promote it as a worthwhile form of leisure. Without a doubt, it was an exciting and, mostly, novel experience – one for the memory books.

We hosted many members of the media including Farmer’s Weekly and Middleburg Observer as well as representatives from The South African Fly Fishing Association and the Dullstroom Village Angler team. In addition, our social media weekend getaway competition winners also joined in on the experience.

Our special guests arrived on 14 July and, in true Hoyohoyo style, were warmly greeted by the Directors of the Hotels & Resorts. An impromptu photoshoot followed at reception as the socialising among guests began accompanied by welcome drinks.

Everyone was then shown their accommodation to settle in.

HH fly fishing demo Dr Reuel Khoza     HH fly fishing guests     HH fly fishing demo

To start off the day’s mission, Alison O’Brien and her husband from The South African Fly Fishing Association laid out their fly fishing equipment for familiarisation. The the group was then led to the cluster of dams where they could cast their lines.

John Hunter, a fly fishing enthusiast from the Village Angler was on hand to give instructions and demonstrations on fly fishing. Within ten minutes, three fish were caught already. This exercise turned out quite fun and several fish were caught.

Following the fly fishing demonstrations and activity, the group was taken on a little excursion around the rest of the lodge where they visited the Hoyohoyo farm and viewed the horses, cattle and farm equipment. After an eventful and memorable day, dinner was served, and everyone was encouraged to unwind and continue mingling over some wine and soft drinks by the cosy fire place.

The following morning, the group had breakfast and by midday we bid farewell to our guests after a pleasant and memorable weekend.

HH fly fishing