HoyoHoyo Hotels & Resorts COVID Protocols

HoyoHoyo Leisure travel safety tips

Hoyohoyo is dedicated to following COVID-19 protocols to ensure safety for our guests as well as our staff.

Remember to remain vigilant whenever you are travelling. Continue to wear your mask, sanitise and maintain social distancing.

HoyoHoyo Leisure Covid protocol wear mask

Wear a mask

HoyoHoyo Leisure Covid protocol sanitise

Use Sanitiser

HoyoHoyo Leisure Covid protocol social distancing

Social Distancing

Latest COVID Updates

Omicron Announcement

Following the announcement of the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron, South Africa remains on an Adjusted Alert Level 1. Here is what we know about the Omicron variant so far and what we still need to understand about it.

Omicron Announcement

Vaccination is the best defence against the Omicron variant, and any other COVID-19 variants. While the vaccine does not prevent you from getting or spreading COVID-19 or any variants, vaccines are highly effective against severe illness, hospitalisation and death. Vaccinate to protect your family, co-workers and community.

Omicron Announcement

Protect yourself against the Omicron variant by ensuring that yourself and your community and are vaccinated, and continue to take non-pharmaceutical precautions such as wearing your mask, maintaining social distancing and washing or sanitising your hands regularly. With the variant, it is also more important than ever to avoid indoor spaces with poor ventilation and to limit your contacts as much as possible.

Below is a Coronavirus Domestic Travel Recommendation quick reference guide. Happy Travels.

Stay safe with us

HoyoHoyo Leisure domestic travel
HoyoHoyo Leisure when NOT to travel

When NOT to travel

While we wouldn’t want to encourage you not to travel, at HoyoHoyo we are dedicated to following the COVID-19 protocols to ensure safety for our guests as well as our staff.

Here are some tips on when it would not be appropriate to travel:
- If you or a family member are showing any COVID-19 symptoms
- Suspect or have been diagnosed with COVID
- Have been around someone who is suspected of having or has been diagnosed within the last 14 days

Contact us should you have any questions or concerns about your stay with us.
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