HOYOHOYO Machadostud Fly Fishing Lodge

Your wedding is one of the most authentic, real days of your life. That’s why when you plan it, you might not be thinking of spotlights and glamour – you might be thinking of a down-to-earth ceremony in a beautiful setting, followed by glorious red wine, exquisite sunsets and warm-hearted laughs with your closest friends and family. You know, the real joys in life.

Like this style of celebration? Machadostud Fly Fishing Lodge Weddings is for you.

At Machadostud Fly Fishing Lodge, you can say your vows next to a picturesque dam, surrounded by singing birdlife and the sounds of wild animals chattering on the breeze. You’ll even reminisce, in years to come, over gorgeous photos taken against the panoramic backdrop of the surrounding mountains and valleys. But best of all, you can promise yourself to your most cherished person in one of the most beautiful, peaceful settings in Mpumalanga.

Looking for an intimate, fairytale wedding like this? Our conference venue can seat up to 18 guests and our traditional kitchen is equipped to serve hearty, family-style meals.

Contact us to discuss how we can make your big day the most memorable day of your life.