Social responsibility

Inherent in the meaning of the word “hoyohoyo” is the African ethos of ubuntu – or humanity. In a deeper sense, this word is entwined with the belief that “I am because you are and you are because we are or I am what I am because of who we all are.”


HOYOHOYO Hotels & Resorts take their commitment to uplift of their community seriously and are involved in a number of social responsibility initiatives.


HOYOHOYO has heart. We don’t just believe in uplifting the communities around us (by employing local staff at our hotels) – we believe in empowering future generations too.


In 2012, HOYOHOYO Chartwell Lodge began to support an orphanage in Diepsloot, a township near to Johannesburg. Our employees repainted and renovated the buildings and helped to feed the children; a social investment that amounted to R30,000 in funds – and more in love.


Keep an eye on this space to stay updated on the latest social responsibility initiatives by HOYOHOYO Hotels & Resorts.