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Discover Blissful Tranquility at Wisani Luxury Day Spa in Johannesburg

Welcome to Wisani Luxury Day Spa, where the essence of relaxation is captured in the Xitsonga word "Wisani." It's more than just a spa; it's a holistic wellness center nestled in the heart of Johannesburg, where you can unwind, rejuvenate, and rediscover your sense of well-being in a serene environment. Here's a glimpse into the offerings and atmosphere of our exceptional spa:

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HoyoHoyo Weddings, Conferences, Year End Functions, Celebrations
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Tranquil Oasis in Johannesburg

At Wisani Day Spa, we create an oasis of tranquility in the bustling city of Johannesburg. Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in our professional, on-site therapists who perform a range of treatments. We have a team of experienced and dedicated therapists on call, ensuring that your relaxation is our top priority.

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Our spa boasts a range of inviting features to enhance your spa experience

Four Treatment Rooms - Sanctuary of Serenity

Our spa is home to four beautifully appointed treatment rooms, each meticulously designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. These rooms serve as sanctuaries of serenity, where you can escape the outside world and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance. The soft, soothing colors, and carefully selected décor create an atmosphere that encourages deep relaxation. Whether you're indulging in a massage, facial, or any of our luxurious treatments, these rooms provide the perfect setting for your journey of rejuvenation.

Showers - Revitalize and Refresh

After your spa treatments, you can revitalize and refresh in our well-appointed showers. These provide a soothing transition from the tranquil world of spa treatments to the outside world. Whether you've experienced an invigorating massage, body exfoliation, or any other treatment, the showers allow you to cleanse your body and refresh your senses, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world with a renewed sense of well-being.

Sun Room - Natural Radiance and Serenity

Step into our sunroom and let the warm, natural light envelop you, enhancing your spa experience with its radiant serenity. This space is designed to be a soothing haven, where the healing power of natural light mingles with the tranquility of our surroundings. Whether you're awaiting your treatment or simply seeking a moment of peace, the sunroom is the perfect place to bask in the gentle embrace of the sun's rays, allowing them to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Beautiful Gardens - Nature's Embrace

Our spa is surrounded by enchanting gardens that seamlessly blend with the serenity of the spa experience. The beauty of nature envelops Wisani Luxury Day Spa, creating a calming backdrop for your journey of relaxation. As you stroll through these gardens, you'll find solace in the lush greenery, the gentle rustling of leaves, and the soothing sounds of nature. These beautiful gardens serve as a tranquil extension of our spa, allowing you to reconnect with the natural world and find harmony within.

Swimming Pool - Refresh and Rejuvenate

Completing the sensory experience is our inviting swimming pool. After your treatments and relaxation sessions, take a refreshing dip in the pool, where the cool, clear waters provide a welcome respite. The pool complements your spa experience by offering a revitalizing moment of refreshment. Whether you choose to swim leisurely or simply dip your toes in the water, the pool adds an extra layer of rejuvenation to your visit, leaving you feeling invigorated and restored.


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Crafting Wellness - Introducing the Bespoke Wisani Range for Your Utmost Well-Being

We're not just about relaxation; we're about providing you with the best. That's why we're in the process of developing our bespoke Wisani range of spa products. From massage oils to exfoliators, masks, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and delightful gifts, our range is crafted with your ultimate well-being in mind.

Wisani Day Spa Treatment Menu

Full body massage

Full body massage

Full body massage with Hot stones

Full body massage
with Hot stones

Head, neck and shoulder massage

Head, neck and
shoulder massage

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Back, neck and
shoulder massage

Hands and feet

Hands and feet

Facial Massage

Facial Massage

Body Exfoliation

Body Exfoliation


At Wisani Luxury Day Spa, we invite you to embrace the essence of "Wisani" and experience the ultimate in relaxation, well-being, and rejuvenation. Let us guide you on a journey to find your inner peace and restore your sense of vitality in the heart of Johannesburg.


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Superb service by Baba Nkosinathi, in all aspects. Cooking breakfast to taste, all-round gracious host.

Acorns Lodge and Conference Venue Guest

We met the most excellent host, he’s gold, a very friendly gentleman. Excellent location and great personnel.

Angels View Hotel Guest

We had an amazing time. Thank you very much for beautiful stay and for your patience – Busi and Martha are wonderful. We will be back.

Hazyview Villas Guests

Amazing and beautiful place, we loved and enjoyed everything and thank you for the warm hospitality.

Hazyview Villas Guests

What an amazing stay, thank you for your hospitality from the cleaning ladies and your check-in communication was great.

Hazyview Villas Guests

The lodge was immaculate, and the security is top notch.

Machadostud Lodge Guest

We just liked everything, from the arrangements, check-in, viewing our apartment, the kitchen accessories, the bedroom, the pool and the check-out was great.

Kruger Park Lodge Guest

I would like to thank all the Hoyohoyo staff, what a welcoming the first day we arrived at Chartwell Lodge. The service was excellent wow!! Out of this world. Keep up the good work.

Chartwell Lodge Guest

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